Billing Information

Membership Fee: A $5 Membership fee is refundable upon termination of service.

Connection Fees: A non-refundable service fee of $40 is required to connect or changeover an existing account. The new service connect fee is $65 and a temporary service is $125.

Security Deposit: New residential members with satisfactory credit, as reported by a third party credit bureau, will be exempt from deposit requirements. For others, a deposit equal to two times the highest bill or $300 (whichever is greater) may be required. Other factors may be used in determining deposit requirements. The deposit for a commercial account is based on estimated usage (two months’ billing) or a load sheet provided by a licensed electrician.

Additional Deposit: An additional deposit may be required if a collection or return check notice is issued.

Returned Check: Returned check fees are pursuant to Florida Statutes.

Delinquent Bills and Fees: Bills for electric service become past due approximately twenty days after the billing date. Both the billing date and the past due date are printed on your bill. A 1.5%, but not less than, $5 late charge will apply to all unpaid balances as of 5:00 p.m. on the past due date.

Monthly bills include a collection notice of past due amounts. If payment is not received by 5 p.m. on the date indicated on the “Collection Notice”, a $25 collection trip fee and/or termination of service may result the following workday. If disconnected, there will be a $40 reconnect fee (during normal business hours) or a $75 reconnect fee (after hours, weekends or holidays) and an additional deposit may be required before restoring service.

Meter Reading: Electric meters are read each month.

Access to Meter: Occasionally, WREC will need access to your property to service and inspect our equipment. Providing access to meters and other equipment is the responsibility of each member.

Meter Tampering: Meter tampering, or any other method of power diversion is illegal and may result in prosecution.

Refund of Deposit: Security deposits will be refunded without interest to all residential members when service has been connected for 24 months and payments were made prior to the past due date.

Review items on the back of your bill.