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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dear Member,

Be careful of Solar Scammers. WREC members are receiving calls from a company claiming to be Sun Pro Energy based out of Clearwater Florida. These callers are asking for specific information on your home, whether you rent or own it and your age. They are trying to sell you a solar system and are offering to send a company representative to evaluate your home. While WREC supports solar through true net metering and hundreds of our members have it installed on their home, we have also run across predatory companies wanting to take advantage of our members.


Billy E. Brown
Executive Vice President and General Manager

Don't Become a Victim

WREC ID Badge Example
  • Every Cooperative employee displays an ID badge identifying them as such. The badge contains their photo, name, employee number, and the office they are assigned to.
  • In almost all circumstances our employees will be driving a vehicle that is clearly marked with the Cooperative’s logo.
  • All Cooperative line technicians, meter readers, and staking engineers wear a shirt with the Cooperative’s logo and their name prominently displayed.