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Downed Power Lines Safety Tip – Lines On Your Vehicle

Posted: April 27, 2022

If a power line falls on your vehicle….

– Stay in the vehicle until help arrives and the power is turned off. You should be safe as long as you remain inside the vehicle.

– If possible, drive your vehicle clear of the electrical hazard. If it cannot be moved and no life-threatening issues are present, stay in the vehicle. If you try to get out and touch the ground and the electrified car at the same time, you will complete the circuit to ground for the electricity, and you could be electrocuted.

– If you must get out of the vehicle due to fire, jump clear with both feet together. Once you have escaped the vehicle make sure that you keep your feet together at all times, shuffle or hop far away from the vehicle and power line.

For more information, review the Puget Sound Energy Safety Video on our Safety Information Page at : https://wrec.net/safety/.