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How To Spot A Scam

Posted: July 22, 2020

Recently, several Members have contacted us and reported that certain individuals called them pretending to represent WREC. One such incident happened on May 5. A man called one of our Members and said he was representing WREC and that she needed to pay her bill. This man, who identified himself as Michael Perez, advised her to go to a CVS pharmacy to make her payment. When she asked to speak to a supervisor he stated he was the supervisor. The number he was calling from was 800-452-2777.

The most recent incident just happened on July 21.  A Member received a phone call from an individual who told them to go put $480.00 on a Walmart card and call them back to pay over the phone, in order to change out their meter for a solar meter.  They stated if not paid, the Member would be without power for several days.

Rest assured that these individuals did not represent WREC and we will never call you demanding payment or threaten to cut off your electricity for nonpayment. We thank the Members for bringing these scams and scam attempts to our attention. Please review the picture information about how to spot a scam. Be safe and do not get scammed, especially during these trying times.