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Vincent House Groundbreaking

Posted: August 1, 2019

“Recovery through Work” WREC Works To Improve Mental Health In Our Communities!

With over 200 attendees, a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Vincent House Pasco was held on June 24th. This groundbreaking is a culmination of years of work and partnerships to build mental health capacity in our communities. It all started with a request from Members and a survey by the United Way that showed our area lacked necessary mental health services.

WREC developed a coalition of partners to focus on mental health and find a program that would not only help people recover, but allow them to lead meaningful lives.  We found that program at Vincent House in Pinellas County.

At Vincent House they follow the Clubhouse Model which is an evidence-based practice that started at Fountain House in New York City in the late 40’s.  The Clubhouse Model is built upon the belief that all members can recover from mental illness and lead full and successful and meaningful lives in the community. Clubhouses are a restorative community that believe in the power of work and relationship building as an integral part of one’s recovery.

Vincent House is organized to help Clubhouse members develop the skills needed to be successful in their recovery. They do this through the Work Ordered Day which parallels typical working hours, giving members the opportunity to work side by side with the staff in the overall operation of the Clubhouse. This allows them to build the skills needed in everyday life.

Vincent House helps its members return to school and paid-work through a Career Development program.  Members of Vincent House have earned over seven million dollars in real wages since they opened in 2004.

They offer their members a unique opportunity to meet their goals at their own pace, while most importantly, maintaining strong and meaningful relationships that believe in and promote HOPE.

When it opens in June of 2020, Vincent House Pasco will be able to serve approximately 75 people a day.   Vincent House Pasco (opening in 2020) and Hernando (opened in 2017) would not have been possible without the dedication of community leaders.

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