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Withlacoochee River Electric Cooperative Sends Crews to Help Restore Power in the Aftermath of Hurricane Ida

Posted: August 31, 2021

Early this morning, WREC crews left for Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They will be assisting Dixie Membership Electric Cooperative (DEMCO) to restore power to their service area. With heavy damage received from Hurricane Ida, they are expected to be in this area for up to two weeks or more.

WREC is sending a full complement of crews which includes 7 bucket trucks, 2 digger trucks, a crew chief, a line superintendent, and mechanic. They will be at one of our sister cooperatives DEMCO to help restore power. DEMCO serves over 100,000 members in Louisiana. We ask that you keep all the people impacted by Hurricane Ida and our employees in your thoughts and prayers.