Operation Round-Up

Unlike many other charities, every dollar that is donated to ORU is available for distribution!

Since its inception in 1994, Operation Round-Up has helped 638 families who have suffered catastrophic events. To date, the program has disbursed $2,221,019.74 to help Members in need.

This Program Would Not Be  Successful Without The Generosity Of Our Members!

Operation Round-Up funds are used to help families who have suffered catastrophic events, and Members usually pay less than 50¢ per month! Funds are not used to pay electric bills. Operation Round-Up is governed by a Board of Trustees from the Cooperative’s nine districts.

Joining is easy!  You can sign up in SmartHub at SmartHub login.  Once in SmartHub, select the ‘Billing & Payments’ tab, then ‘Operation Round Up’.  You can also call your local WREC office and ask to be included in this worthwhile program. Join Operation Round-Up today and start making a difference in your community!

If you know of any member that may need assistance through Operation Round-Up you can email [email protected] for an application.  You can also call us directly at (352) 437-2707.

Requirements for Operation Round-Up assistance:

  • Be a WREC member for over one year.
  • Have a catastrophic event in the household. (loss of income due to illness or injury, house fire, natural disaster, house repairs if they are causing health hazard)
  • Have a long-term resolution.

Picture of the Caffrey Family

Meet the Caffery family

The Caffery family lives in Brooksville.  Their daughter, Emma, is special needs and was recently in the hospital for over a month.  Due to medical bills they fell behind in their mortgage.  Operation Round-Up was approved to pay for four months of payments.  Thanks to the generosity of the Members who donate to Operation Round-Up, they were able to stay in their home.


Picture of the Lutzker Family

Meet the Lutzker Family!

The Lutzker family are recent recipients. Their daughter Hailee was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had to undergo two surgeries and multiple doctor visits. Due to high medical bills and ongoing appointments, they fell behind in their rent, and were given a 3-day eviction notice. Funds from Operation Round-Up paid their back rent to prevent eviction so Hailee could rest comfortably as she continues to recuperate. If you are not currently participating, please consider joining this beneficial program.


Meet Larisah Liuz-Baxter

Larisah Luiz-Baxter is a teenager battling cancer. This courageous young lady needed a motorized wheelchair due to balance issues and weakness. Thanks to your generosity, Larisah now has the mobility to move about her home.

Larisah and her family are very grateful for your contributions which made her life a little easier.


Meet Cooperative Member Domenico Ruggia!

Mr. Ruggia lives in Pasco county and is 98 years young. He is living on a fixed income and was having some health issues. Because of his fixed income he could not afford to get his A/C fixed, and the heat was having a negative impact on his breathing. Through your generosity Operation Round-up replaced his A/C and now he can breathe a little easier.


WREC would like you to meet Febelyn Janacek

Mrs. Janacek and her family are residents of New Port Richey. They have been WREC Members for twenty years. Due to health issues in the home they reached out to Operation Round-Up for assistance to have their roof replaced. Thanks to our Members who donate to Operation Round-Up this family received a new roof.

This assistance could not be provided without the generosity of WREC Members who round their electric bill up to the nearest dollar each month to support other Co-op Members who have suffered a catastrophic event to no fault of their own.


Meet 16 Year Old – Logan Capolupo

Logan Capalupo and his grandfather were setting off fireworks on this past 4th of July. He reached for a smoke bomb to light, but it turned out not to be a smoke bomb, but a firecracker. The lit firecracker blew up in his hand and he had to endure three surgeries in 27 days, with more to come.

These surgeries, coupled with physical therapy, have allowed Logan to regain movement in his hand. Logan’s family stayed by his side during this tragic event, and due to his injury, they fell behind in their rent. Operation Round-Up disbursed funds to keep the family from being evicted.