Source of Power

Seminole Electric Cooperative, headquartered in Tampa, is your Cooperative’s wholesale energy supplier. Seminole is also a not-for-profit Cooperative returning margins to your Cooperative.

Seminole Electric is owned by your Cooperative and eight other electric distribution cooperatives located from the Georgia border to the Everglades. These distribution Cooperatives provide power to more than 1.7 million individuals and businesses across the state through nearly 800,000 meters in 42 counties.

Seminole operates power production facilities and negotiates short and long term energy contracts with other power producers and marketers. It also owns and operates transmission facilities that connect Seminole’s system to Florida’s electrical transmission system.

  • Seminole provides power to more than 750,000 members.
  • Seminole is owned by WREC and eight other distribution cooperatives.
  • Seminole owns and maintains more than 350 miles of transmission line.

Seminole’s Palatka Generating Station

  • Two 650 megawatt, coal-fired generating units.
  • Located in Putnam County, about 50 miles south of Jacksonville.
  • A $280 million emission control upgrade, completed in 2009, keeps this Station one of the cleanest coal-fired generating facilities in the U.S.

Richard J. Midulla Generating Station

  • Located in Hardee County, northwest of Wauchula.
  • This is an 810 megawatt facility.
  • It uses natural gas as its primary fuel source.
  • The Midulla Station’s 500 megawatt combined cycle unit began commercial operation in 2002. An additional 310 megawatts of peaking capacity went into service at this location in December 2006.