Source of Power

WREC and its wholesale power provider, Seminole Electric Cooperative (Seminole), are committed to the environment. Seminole is one of the largest generation and transmission (G&T) electric cooperatives in the country.  Seminole’s purpose is to provide reliable, competitively priced, wholesale electric power to its nine Member distribution electric cooperatives.

Seminole Electric Cooperative, headquartered in Tampa, is a not-for-profit Cooperative returning margins in the form of Capital Credits to your Cooperative.  Seminole is owned by your Cooperative and ten other electric distribution Cooperatives located from the Georgia border to the Everglades.  These distribution Cooperatives provide power to more than 1.9 million Members in 42 of Florida’s 67 counties.

Seminole Electric Cooperative operates power production facilities and negotiates short-term and long-term energy contracts  with other power producers and marketers.  It also owns and operates transmission facilities that connect Seminole’s system to Florida’s electrical transmission system.

Seminole maintains a balanced and diverse portfolio of energy resources.  In 2020, 4% of Seminole’s energy was renewable, 26% was power purchased, 28% natural gas and 42% was coal.  Seminole projects by 2024 its energy portfolio will consist of 8% renewable, 9% coal, 11% power purchased and 72% natural gas.

The Seminole Generating Station

  • Consists of two, 638 megawatt, coal-fired generating units.
  • Is located approximately 50 miles south of Jacksonville.
  • Selected as one of the top six coal plants in the country by Power Magazine.

The Richard J. Midulla Generating Station

  • 810 megawatt power station.
  • Is located in Hardee County, 12 miles Northeast of  Wauchula.
  • This station uses the natural gas-combined cycle technology.