What is Beat The Peak?


During times when the cost to purchase and produce power for Members is high, we issue Beat the Peak alerts where we ask Members to conserve energy. We recommend you turn off unnecessary lights, delay the use of major appliances like dishwashers and dryers and turn your thermostat up a few degrees in the summer months and down a few degrees in the winter months. WREC is a not-for-profit electric utility which means the money saved is passed on to our Members in the form of affordable rates. At this time you cannot sign up for alerts but we are working towards this for future alerts.

WREC does offer a Smart Thermostat program called Cooperative Rewards. This program is designed to help save money on energy costs and contribute to the reliability of our electric grid. It's simple and convenient, to learn more visit our Cooperative Rewards page here. 

For ways to save energy be sure to visit our Energy Saving Tips Page here.

Couple looking at Computer

Status: Normal 

Your Cooperative is currently experiencing normal energy demand.

No special energy saving measures are necessary.


Status: Warning

Your Cooperative is currently experiencing an elevated energy demand.

Special energy saving measures may be necessary in the near future.


Status: Critical

Your Cooperative is currently experiencing peak energy demand.

Please save energy wherever possible.