The Key To System Reliability

Here on the nature coast WREC recognizes and appreciates the beauty and aesthetics trees provide to the landscape throughout our entire service territory. However, trees and power lines are not a good combination, the leading cause of power outages on WREC’s system is trees. We must balance trimming trees with the safe and reliable operation of the Cooperative’s electric distribution system. This helps prevent future outages due to trees. 

Tree Planting Guide

To help us deliver reliable power, we use a systematic right-of-way plan to maintain our lines. Everyday contract crews are trimming trees throughout our system to reduce outages and maintain adequate clearances between trees and power lines. However, due to our tropical climate, tree growth over the years has increased significantly. As a result of this increased tree growth, WREC Members are experiencing a higher number of service interruptions. This is still occurring even though more trimming crews were added to combat this problem.

In order to effectively evaluate this problem, WREC has contracted with ACRT to analyze our Vegetation Management Program to see where improvements can be made. ACRT is based out of Akron, Ohio and is a leading utility vegetation management company in the electric utility industry. ACRT employs licenced arborists that have the expertise necessary to make an accurate assessment of our system.

We encourage Members to maintain their trees BEFORE they interfere with power lines and equipment. Don't trim any vegetation growing on or near overhead power lines. Only specially trained line-clearing professionals should work around power lines. Remember, only trees in the direct path of the power line are trimmed by Davey or ACRT. It is each Member's responsibility to have other trees on their property trimmed. 





Safety Is Our Number One Priority For Our Members, Employees, and The General Public.

  • Never trim, prune, or remove trees near power lines.
  • Only use qualified licensed tree contractors to remove or trim trees growing near power lines.
  • If you plan to remove or trim a tree near WREC power lines, please contact your local Cooperative office.
  • It is recommended that trees and shrubs not to be planted within 50 feet of WREC overhead power lines especially trees that grow greater than 25 feet in height.

If you are going to plant shrubs, trees, or install a fence, be sure to call 811 forty-eight hours before you dig so power lines and other possible hazards can be located.