SurgeStopper™ is a meter-based surge suppressor offered by Withlacoochee River Electric Cooperative to our members to help protect their homes or business.

Surges are caused by many different events. Lightning is the most common problem, but accidents involving power poles, or small animals contacting power line equipment can also create surges causing damage to sensitive electronic equipment and costly downtime for your business.

SurgeStopper™ provides the highest measure of protection against indirect lightning strikes available on the market today!

Withlacoochee River Electric Cooperative is offering our Member/Owners the SurgeStopper™ for the low price of $6 per month* with a one-time installation fee of $40. This charge will be applied directly to your monthly statement. Each SurgeStopper™ is installed by WREC’s trained personnel.



Surge Stopper


Not Just Protection - It's Peace of Mind!

SurgeStopper is backed by a fantastic, $500,000 aggregate, 15-year product and appliance, peace-of-mind warranty. SurgeStopper will pay up to $5,000 (per appliance) toward the repair or replacement of any large, motor-driven or equipment (such as washer, dryer or air conditioning compressor) in your home that is damaged from a high-voltage surge that passes through SurgeStopper.  



SurgeStopper™ Warranty Information

SurgeStopper™ comes with an outstanding warranty!

The extended warranty covers consequential damages to standard, motor-driven, residential equipment as a result of a power line surge disturbance.

This includes:

Washer and dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, electric range and other major home appliances that are motor driven or mechanical in nature.



Products that are not covered:

All well pumps and supplementary pump equipment, stand-alone electronic equipment using microchips or microprocessors, and transistor technology such as TVs, computers, and video/audio equipment.

Surge protectors for your audio, satellite and/or computer can be purchased at many local stores.