You can report a power outage by logging into your account by clicking here or through the SmartHub mobile app.

If Your Lights Go Out

  • Check with your neighbors to see if they have electricity

  • Check your main breaker to ensure a fuse has not flipped.

  • Check WREC’s outage map here to see if your area is listed with an outage. If it is not showing, report the outage through the SmartHub mobile app or by logging into your account here.

  • Turn off sensitive equipment such as televisions, gaming consoles and refrigerators. Once the power has been restored you may turn these items back on. Please remember it’s your responsibility to protect your items by installing a surge protector.

Restoring Power



Withlacoochee River Electric strives to provide safe, affordable and reliable power. However there are uncontrollable situations that can damage lines such as bad weather, equipment malfunctions, car accidents and damaged lines. No matter the cause of an outage we understand that it is an inconvenience to our Members and we will work as quickly and safely as possible to restore power to your home or business.


To report an outage we recommend using our SmartHub mobile app or by logging into SmartHub through here. You may also call 352-567-5133 or your local district office