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Thank you for your interest in WREC’s E-Billing service. E-Billing is convenient, fast and easy to use. Please take a few moments to review the terms, conditions, benefits, and limitations of E-Billing before you sign-up for the program.

WREC will do its best to ensure your E-Billing experience meets the member’s expectations. However, WREC cannot be responsible for technical or other difficulties. These difficulties may result in the loss of data, personal settings, or other service interruptions. WREC offers this service ‘AS-IS’ and makes no warranties of any kind.

WREC reserves the right to change, modify, or discontinue its E-Billing service at any time without notice.

WREC respects your privacy. WREC will not knowingly distribute your personal information. It will only be used by the Cooperative to update you on your account and inform you of services the Cooperative provides.

Your E-Billing service can be cancelled at any time by sending a request for cancellation via your Account Settings page (under Accounts and Enrollments), our ‘Contact Us’ submission link or by regular U.S. Mail.

There are some mandatory conditions that apply to sign-up for WREC’s E-Billing service. Any conduct that WREC deems could compromise the law or violate the law is grounds for termination of your enrollment.

By signing up for E-Billing you agree that all the information provided to WREC is true and correct. You agree that you are the actual member of record. You agree to keep your account information up to date, and it’s your responsibility to protect your member ID/password on the account.

You agree WREC has the right to display advertisements and promotions of any kind with the E-Billing service.

You agree WREC has the right to access your E-Billing account and records as needed to investigate complaints or wrong doing.

WREC reserves the right to monitor your transactions with its E-Billing system and WREC’s entire website. E-Billing is a service for WREC members for business purposes only. Unauthorized users of the site are subject to criminal and civil penalties under state, federal, and applicable foreign laws. WREC may provide evidence of any activities that violate in reference to your E-Billing account which it believes may violate the law.